Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This afternoon I did 2x400m + 1x600m.  I've been getting headaches every time I run.  I've had them years ago towards the end of very difficult workouts, but never this sever, and certainly never with this small of a workout.  I've been hydrating a ton before workouts, but to no avail.

I also did a workout last friday, 1x300m + 2x400m.

Slowly gaining distance, it is getting easier & I've not fallen down since the first run though I've had a couple of close calls.

I've been relearning how to start running - the first few steps.  I've always pushed off with my right leg, but that doesn't work so well now.  I've been playing around with a bunch of different ways to start, but they all feel pretty clumsy & goofy.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Its a monday

I met Greg at Yelm HS track this afternoon for a workout.  We did 4x300m, I had a headache come on after the first one.  I'm fairly sure its a combination of hydration & O2 debt, but its hard to know for sure.

I'm having to continue adjusting my attitude - one of the soccer coaches said "that thing works pretty good."  I blerted back "you should try it" and under my breath ( because I didn't have much ) I said "that will change your mind."  I need to be thankful for what I am able to do.  That I have people that care enough for me that have enabled me to run again, that the tech exists, that I have a running foot - that I can even run.  And really in the end he was just trying to be friendly.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

1 Week of running

Friday after work I did 4x300m on the track at Rainier HS. Got to have some fun & interesting discussion with some of the HS athletes about what happened, and track in general. I only caught my toe once, but that last 300m was brutal.

Certainly some improvement over last Friday. I'm a little concerned about my stump, the scaring on the bottom back edge is quite sore. Its getting pressed on during the stance phase ( when prosthetic is on the ground ). Aside from that all seems to be working well.

I've been hunting for a heart rate monitor that will work with my android phone - it would be interesting to track those stats as I get in better shape.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More track meets!

On my way home from work I planned to go for a run on the Rainier track - but instead got to enjoy a lovely large ball field next to the high school.

I did 4 x 200m + 1 x 400m. It went fairly well but the 400 was really ugly I almost fell once and ugh, my form came apart toward the end, it felt like the last 100m of a 3200m in high school.

There were a couple of parents sitting in their cars watching their kids practice baseball.  I ran past them a bunch of times - they probably think I'm crazy.  Oh well.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Garth my prosthetist was gracious enough to spend some after hours time and meet me at North Thurstons HS track. He torqued down some loose things, threw in some more loctite, and we headed to the track. Unfortunately there was a track meet happening - oh well, plenty of grass. We did 6 x ~150m and he made several adjustments to the alignment of the foot & knee.

Again no crashes, and the adjustments seemed to help.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Second Run

After pondering the workout two days earlier I realized the main reason way I was falling. I'm in really bad shape & this takes a lot of energy. That means that in very short order my body cant supply enough O2, and my form goes down the drain, the right leg gets slow because its weak next thing I'm lying on the track.

All that to say I've concluded that the way to go is try to run a pile of 200m intervals - well, not really intervals because I'm going pretty slow, but they hurt like intervals.

I went to the track in Rainier and did 3 x 200m without falling! Towards the end of the third one I noticed a funny sound coming from the prosthetic.  I quickly realized that there was some issues that I needed to have Garth take care of - yikes could have been an ugly crash. I hobbled back to the car, off to see Sound Prosthetics.

At least no more track burns.